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The 2019 Johnson & Perrot Irish Pony Club Minimus Championships will take place on Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th June in the Green Glens Arena, Millstreet and Mallow Swimming Pool.

A provisional timetable and running order is now available to download.

The Provisional Branch Running Order contains the cross country number for each Branch member (1st column on the left) and the details of each members swim heat, lane and time.

Points to Note:

  • When making travelling plans for the Minimus Championships, please allow additional travelling time. Competitors travelling through Macroom especially may experience delays due to traffic congestion.
  • There will be a skeleton farrier service on site during the championship. Take care to ensure that your ponies or horses are suitably shod for the competition.
  • The Eircode of the Green Glens Arena is P51 EN28.

Course Walking

  • The cross country course will be open for inspection on Friday 14th at 4.00 p.m.  
  • Trainers are asked to ensure that children do not climb on fences or adjust them in any way when walking the course.
  • Course walking while the competition is in progress (9.30am Sat) is not allowed for safety reasons. Trainers and parents may walk the perimeter of the course but must not walk close up to fences while the competition is in progress.
  • Trainers and competitors are free to walk the course from 4.00p.m. on Friday but the Committee reserves the right to make changes up to 5.00p.m. on Friday. Where changes are made they will be signposted.

The Cross Country Riding Phase will begin at 10am on Saturday 15th June, running in strict numerical order i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. at one minute intervals plus their will be an extra minute between teams (depending on safe running). 

  •  Where siblings are sharing a pony, exceptions will be made for the second rider. 
    • Where siblings are sharing ponies later in the afternoon of the cross country phase, the first rider should present at least one hour before the end of the competition.
  • Tack Inspection will begin at 9.30am for the first eight teams on the course.  All four members of teams should present together with their team trainer, thirty minutes before they are due to ride.  When a Branch haas a very large entry only teams should present at the one time.
  • Branch Running Order and Swim Times
  • Cross Country Number Bibs will be available for collection from the Secretary's office by a Branch Representative between 3pm and 5.30pm on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning from 8.30am
  • Hat Tagging will be available in the Secretary's office throughout the weekend. 

The Provisional Minimus Swimming Heats and Warm Ups document contains a full list of each heat, lane and swim time.  Please note your heat and swim time.

  • Competitors are asked to be at the pool at least 30 minutes before their warm up time.
  • It is essential that each member knows the heat that they are in when they present for warm up at the swimming pool.
  • The swimming phase will take place at Mallow Swimming Pool on Sunday 16th of June.
  • Minimus Swimming Heats, Lanes, Times and Warm Up Times
  • Directions to Mallow Swimming Pool
  • The Provisional Minimus Swimming Warm Up Timetable uses a table to provide a brief and clear schedule of each Warm Up, including the time of the warm up and the details of which heats the warm up is for.
  • Please carefully read this page to ensure that you arrive at the pool at least 30 minutes before your heat. 

Finally, the Running Phase will take place on Sunday 16th of June In Millstreet beginning at approximately 2.30pm.

  • Competitors should aim to be at the running field for 2pm.  
  • Competitors will start in their teams of four or three members together.
  • Running will be in strict numerical order in Branch or mixed teams.
  • Trainers / DC's are asked to register for the running phase and collect their team microchip numbers at 12.30pm at the Secretary's office.

Details for camping, stabling, lorry hook up, parking etc. will be published in a separate article.  This article will include a map of the Millstreet complex, pointing out some of the important locations for the weekend.

Good luck to everyone competing at the this years Minimus Championships.  Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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