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Entries are now open for the Irish Pony Club National Minimus Championships which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 15th and 16th June 2019 in Millstreet Green Glens Arena and Mallow Swimming Pool, Co. Cork. 

Parents should register their son or daughters entry, through their Branches Its Plain Sailing page.  Parents should note a number of things when completing their entry:

  • Check that all of the fields are completed fully with correct spellings in sentance casing i.e. not all capitals or all lower case.
  • Ponies or horses should be listed by the name that appears on their passport and not their pet or stable name.
  • Siblings sharing ponies must note this on the form.  
  • The Information for the Commentator field has been added to the registration form in recent years.  It is not essential but would help the overall enjoyment of the day if the Commentator had some information about the member and his / her pony e.g. rode at Warrington and Area 5 Minimus this year, won the running, had a great swim, her pony Misty was on the Robbie Bailey team in 2016 etc.
  • Branches may set a closing date for parents to register their entry by.  Take note of this date and register early to avoid disappointment.

In order to help you with your entries and to provide all the details for the event, we have prepared this detailed article.  Carefully read each section.

Entry Criteria for the Minimus Championships 2019

  • IPC Members wishing to compete in the Minimus Championships must be under 12 years on 1st Jan 2019.
  • The ponies name must be entered as recorded on the passport. Pet / stable names are not acceptable.
  • The entrance fee for the championship is €55.
  • DCs must ensure all competitors are capable of riding a cross country course built to a maximum height of 80 cm. and the combination of pony and rider have cross country competition experience and are capable of swimming 1 length of the 25 metre pool.
  • Only siblings may share ponies. No pony may be used more than twice over the cross-country course. Ponies which are to be shared must be noted on the entry form using *.
  • A member may compete only once in this competition.
  • Competitors / Trainers must adhere to the times and numbers given for swimming and running. No Trainers or parents allowed on the deck at the swimming pool.
  • All ponies must have up to date vaccinations against flu / tetanus. The injections must be accurately recorded and stamped by the vet on the passport. Passports will be checked on entry to Millstreet Green Glens Arena.
  • Best Turn-out Trophy presented by the Ward Union Branch, will be judged by persons on the cross-country course. The Tack and Turnout prize has been extended to include team spirit, good manners, behaviour and attitude of members, parents and branch officials. This will be a branch prize rather than presented to one team.
  • If a competitor has a fall he or she must ride his or her pony home at a walk, provided he or she is unhurt, and not jump any more fences. Positive scoring ensures points for fences jumped.

Directions to Millstreet Green Glens Arena, Co. Cork

Millstreet Green Glens Arena is located in Millstreet Town, Co. Cork, Eircode P51 EN28.  Organisers will have sign posts on all access routes to the venue.

Travelling from Cork city

  • Take N 22 to Macroom and R 582 from Macroom to Millstreet

Travelling from Dublin

  • Take the N7 (M7) to Naas, Kildare, Portlaoise- M8 to Mitchelstown- N73 to Mallow –N72 and R 583 to Millstreet

Travelling from Killarney / Tralee

  • Take the N22-N72-R582 (R583)


  • Stabling at Millstreet Green Glens Arena, should be booked by parents on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing, see below:
  • Stabling cost €30 for one night and €40 for two nights. Please bring feed, hay, buckets & mucking out equipment. Shavings will be provided. Do not muck out into the rubbish bins.
  • Stabling must be pre-booked in advance of the competition. A stable manager will be on site during the championships and all stables will be assigned.
  • Strict vaccination protocol will be enforced. NO HORSE OR PONY WILL BE ADMITTED TO THE STABLES IN MILLSTREET GREEN GLENS ARENA WITHOUT CORRECT COMPLIANT VACCINATIONS. See attached detail of requirements. DCs are asked to check each member’s passport to ensure their recorded vaccinations are correct.
  • Vaccination Requirements Information
  • Competitors may arrive at the stables on Friday 14th between 12 noon & 9 pm.

Note: When leaving your stable, ensure that it is left as it was found. Branches may be fined if this does not happen.


  • Camping on site is allowed. Pre-booking is essential. The Irish Pony Club Campsite Manager will attempt to group branches in areas together but booking for camping is essential, this includes branches who are not staying onsite but who plan to erect a tent for daytime use.
  • Book camping online on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing page.
  • There will be a €15 (per tent / per lorry / per camper van) non-refundable deposit for camping at Millstreet.
  • PARENTS, MEMBERS & SUPPORTERS MUST TAKE HOME THEIR RUBBISH. Please leave the designated camping area clean or your Branch may be fined.
  • No corralling of ponies at the campsite. No ponies allowed in camping area.
  • Parking for those arriving for the day only, will be separate from those camping.
  • Neither children nor adults are permitted to ride bicycles anywhere in Millstreet Green Glens Arena.

Note: The camping site and the lorry hook up site are in different places. There is no hook up at the camping site. Camper vans and lorries are allowed to use the camp site but they will not have any hook up in the camp site. Lorry Hook Up must be booked separately.

Lorry Hook Up

  • Lorry Hook Up will be available on site. Lorry Hook Up may be booked online on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing page:
  • Lorry Hook Up will cost €50.

Note: The lorry hook up site and the camping site are in different places. Camping must be booked separately. There is no hook up facility in the camp site area but lorries and camper vans are welcome to book a space in the main camp site. They will not have access to hook up in the camping site.

Points to Note

  • When making travelling plans for the Minimus Championships, please allow additional travelling time. Competitors travelling through Macroom especially may experience delays due to traffic congestion.
  • There will be a skeleton farrier service on site during the championship. Take care to ensure that your ponies or horses are suitably shod for the competition.


  • Registration is at the IPC Secretary's office at Millstreet Green Glens Arena.
  • Branch Representative may collect competition numbers on Friday afternoon between 3 pm and 5.30 pm.
  • Those who will be riding late on Saturday may collect on Saturday morning.
  • Hat tagging will be available in the Secretary’s office during the weekend.
  • Numbers and timing chips will be available for collection by Branch Representatives from the secretary’s office on Sunday 16th June.

Cross Country Riding

  • Cross Country Riding will be on Saturday 15th June in numerical order, at 1-minute intervals, at Millstreet starting provisionally at 9.30 am. Tack inspection 9 am.
  • Members must wear skull caps and body protector according to IPC Cross Country Tack Sheet 2019.
  • Please note that drop down or hunting stirrups are allowed. Medical armbands must be worn with current membership card included.
  • Those sharing will be allowed to go out of order but sharing must be noted on entry form.
  • Any competitor who is receiving ‘first communion’ or confirmation on the day will be accommodated out of order but must note this also on the entry forms.
  • Cross country course will be open for inspection from 2 pm on Friday 14th until 9pm. Parents and Trainers are asked to ensure that children do not climb on fences or adjust them in any way when walking the course.
  • Course walking while the competition is in progress (9.30am Sat) is not allowed for safety reasons. Trainers and parents may walk the perimeter of the course but must not walk close up to fences while the competition is in progress.
  • It will be possible to course walk from 8:00 am until 9.30 am on Sat. morning.


  • Swimming will take place at Mallow Swimming pool.
  • For directions follow the link below:,-8.6447517,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4844bbfd6a84d851:0xc877e85fb0a95014!8m2!3d52.1397938!4d-8.642563?hl=en
  • Earliest warm-up times 7:45 a.m. on Sunday 16th June.
  • Competitors should arrive 30 mins to one hour before their warm up time. Swim times and warm-up times will be posted on the IPC website on Wednesday 12th June.


  • Running will be at Millstreet Green Glens Arena on Sunday at 2 pm approx. Electronic microchip timing equipment will be used.
  • The running course will be open for inspection from 5 pm to 7 pm on Saturday evening and from 1 pm on Sunday. It is essential that competitors walk their running course so they know the route.
  • All competitors must be in the field at least 15 minutes before the start of running phase.
  • Competitors will be started in their teams of 4 – i.e. all 4 (or 3) members of a team will start together and will be run in strict numerical order.

Catering Options

  • Packman Pizzas
  • Justin’s coffee and ice cream
  • Yummy Foods (salads, smoothies, breakfast and healthy options)
  • Fast food vendor (burgers etc.)


  • Millstreet are organising a barbecue and entertainment for Saturday 15th June.
  • Tickets may be booked on the Millstreet Green Glens Arena website from Monday 20th May 2019.
  • Tickets will cost €15 and must be pre-booked.
  • Further details regarding the barbecue will be published online once the details have been finalised by Millstreet.

 Option Fences 2019

The Tetrathlon Committee would ask Branch DCs and Minimus or Tetrathlon Trainers to ensure that all members taking part in the National Minimus and Tetrathlon Championships and their parents become familiar with and encourage the use of the Option fences especially for the less experienced newer and younger riders going out cross country.

Option fences have been incorporated into the cross-country courses for Minimus and Tetrathlon for a couple of specific reasons.
• To help inexperienced and or young IPC riders and teams to successfully complete the cross-country course.
• To help riders to complete the cross-country course as safely and quickly as possible while not blocking up the course for other Branch team members and competitors.

The Option fences were introduced in 2016 in response to feedback. However, they have not always been fully utilized because of the lack of understanding and the reason for having them at local level by parents, trainers and committee members.

Option fences will be numbered the same as the fence it is beside but with an O beside the number. It will be of a lesser height and more encouraging to jump, to allow members to move forward on the course. The penalty for taking the option is 70 penalties this year.

The Tetrathlon committee have prepared a couple of examples to help explain how the scoring can be managed using the Option fences to best effect to get the best score for the cross-country riding phase.

(Selecting the Option fence incurs 70 penalties, a first refusal incurs 60 penalties, second refusal incurs 90 penalties and a third refusal incurs 100 penalties).

  • If a rider selected the Option fence at the 5 toughest fences on the course, they would incur 5 x 70 penalties, totalling 350 penalties. In total that rider would get 1,050 points for their cross-country phase (1,400 – 350).
  • In contrast if the same rider had three refusals at either the main obstacle or the option, they would incur 250 penalties at just one obstacle (60 + 90 + 100) and be asked to move on to the next fence with the potential for further penalties.
  • In the case where a rider wishes to attempt the main obstacle once and incurs a refusal, it is often their best option to attempt the Option fence next. This will incur a penalty of 130 (60 + 70) rather than the higher penalties which would be incurred for a second and a third refusal at the main obstacle (250 penalties).
  • A second refusal at the main obstacle followed by the rider taking the option fence would incur 220 penalties (60 + 90 +70).
  • Three refusals at any combination of the main obstacle or Option fence and the competitor will be asked to move onto the next fence.


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