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Tara Cosgrove, Kerrie McDonald, Isabel Donnellly, Kate Collins and Joy Furlong travelled to Shrewsbury earlier this month to represent the Irish Pony Club in mounted games.  

Continuing our series of reports from the 2019 International Mounted Games Trips to the UK, Joy Furlong has written an excellent report on their trip, giving us a flavour of their experiences.

"On the 4th of May I went to Shrewsbury in Shropshire England with my team of Kerri, Isabel, Kate and Tara. We left our house at half five for our eight o’clock ferry. The ferry arrived at twelve and it took three hours to travel across Wales to Shrewsbury. We had a training session that night to work some of the excitement out of our ponies and maybe ourselves. Our tack inspection was at half seven the next morning so we were all exhausted from the early start.

shrewsburyteam resized

We had a barbecue for lunch and played hurling with some Welsh girls. We had our second session then against 19 teams, 2 of which were Welsh. We were the only Irish team. The best part was seeing the Irish flag against all the Union Jacks in five flag which happened to be one of our best games. That night we had dinner as a team on the grounds. I had pizza as I watched my brother and his friends play rugby against some English boys. The next day we made the A final which we were thrilled about. We finished 5th and we were
more than happy. We packed up that night and went back to the ferry. I had a great time and made great friends with the girls on my team. We kept Tommy updated on our progress over the weekend, he was unfortunately not able to travel as he was injured.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get there. We were so lucky to have the best coach, Martine, who helped us with everything.
Thanks everyone.
Joy Furlong"

Thanks a million Joy for taking the time to put together this article.  Well done everyone.


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