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On Friday 12th April 2019, a team of five Irish Pony Club members travelled to the represent Ireland at the Chester Mounted Games Competition.  The following article written by Ellen, Emma, Libby, Adam, and Jake details their weekend in Chester.

"On Friday 12th April we went to Chester, England on a ferry for our mounted games trip. It took three hours to get to the games field and we arrived around 4pm.  We set up our campsite and our corrals. Then we had a quick training session and had something to eat.
We played soccer with other English riders and tried to teach them how to play GAA.chesterteam resized

The next morning we had an early start. Tack inspection was at 8:30am. We had our first session of games at 9. There were thirteen teams involved. We were the only Irish team. We had a break and our great team mum Elaine made us lunch. Our second session was at half one.

That night we had a barbecue. Then we went down to the marquee and the English teams had a karaoke night. We asked them to play some Irish songs. We all had great fun.

The next morning the session started at 9. After our first session we played mounted games on foot with the equipment Seamus and Libby brought from Kildare.  With the English riders we made the B Final. Our second session (the final) went well. Overall we placed third in our final.

That night we went to an Indian and had a really nice meal. We thanked our trainer and our parents. The next morning we were all very tired and disappointed our trip was over. Everyone helped clean up the campsite and load up the ponies. We arrived to our ferry at 2pm which we are sitting on right now writing this.

Thanks to everyone who made our trip great.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks from
Ellen, Emma, Libby, Adam, Jake."

Well done Ellen, Emma, Libby, Adam and Jake.  Excellent article.  Thank you for submitting it. 


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