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Well done to the Irish Junior Tetrathlon Squad who had another successful trip to the UK last weekend competing at the UK Pony Club Junior International Tetrathlon in Moreton Morrell. 

It was a fantastic weekend with many highs and lows.  Both the boys and girls teams won the International and Regional competitions.  There were multiple team and individual placings while a second Irish Boys team placed second in the regional competition.  The entire team rode brilliabtly and ran their hearts out.  Congratulations to everyone involved, including Sean Sargent and John Flood.  Thank you also to Sarah Phelan for keeping us up date right throughout the weekend.  The following is a list of some of the results.  We hope that many wonderful memories and friendships were created and we look forward to hearing all about them. 

International and Regional Champion - Boys Team

  • Conor Bourke, Bray Hunt Branch,
  • Luke Cahill, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • Chris O Brien, Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch 
  • Daragh Phelan, Laois Hunt Branch,
  • Sam Cahill, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch.

International and Regional Champion - Girls Team

  • Ericka Lowe, Westmeath Hunt Branch,
  • Emily Martin, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Eabha O Toole Ward Union Branch,
  • Sarah Kehoe, Carlow Hunt Branch,
  • Ruth Barrett, Ward Union Branch.

Second Regional Competition - Boys Team

  • Cathal White, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Billy Coonan, Ward Union Branch,
  • Robert Cherry, Wicklow Hunt Branch,
  • Shane Fitzgerald, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Feargal De Barra, Co. Clare Branch.

Third Regional Competition - Girls Team

  • Ruth Sargent, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Ruth Fogarty, Carlow Hunt Branch,
  • Anna Cronin, Duhallow Hunt Branch
  • Flora Doran, Wexford Hunt Branch,
  • Eva Marriott, Bray Hunt Branch

Overall Individual Boys Placings

  • 2nd Place - Luke Cahill, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • 3rd Place - Chris O Brien, Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch,
  • 6th Place - Billy Coonan, Ward Union Branch,
  • 7th Place - Conor Bourke, Bray Hunt Branch,

Running Phase Winner - Boys

  • Daragh Phelan, Laois Hunt Branch

Overall Individual Girls Placings

  • 1st Place - Emily Martin, Kildare Hunt Branch
  • 4th Place - Ruth Fogarty, Carlow Hunt Branch
  • 5th Place - Sarah Kehoe, Carlow Hunt Branch
  • 7th Place - Ericka Lowe, Westmeath Hunt Branch

Congratulations to the entire squad:junior int tet team2019 resized

  • Sarah Kehoe, Carlow Hunt Branch.
  • Emily Martin, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Eabha Toole, Ward Union Branch,
  • Erika Lowe, Westmeath Hunt Branch,
  • Ruth Barrett, Ward Union Branch,
  • Ruth Sargent, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Ruth Fogarty, Carlow Hunt Branch,
  • Flora Doran, Wexford, Hunt Branch,
  • Anna Cronin, Duhallow Hunt Branch,
  • Eva Marriott, Bray Hunt Branch.
  • Anna McCartan, Westmeath Hunt Branch,
  • Zoe Bolton, Meath Hunt Branch,
  • Jane O'Donnell, Tipperary Hunt Branch,
  • Aisling Marriott, Bray Hunt Branch,
  • Emily Heather, Ward Union Branch.
  • Jodie Zebedee, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Eliza Jane Queally, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Hannah Keogh, Ward Union Branch,
  • Karla Byrne, Bray Hunt Branch,
  • Caoilfhionn Lawlor, Carlow Hunt Branch,
  • Lucy Daly, The Kingdom Branch,
  • Millie Doyle Ryan, North Kilkenny Branch.
  • Daragh Phelan, Laois Hunt Branch,
  • Luke Cahill, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • Chris O'Brien, Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch,
  • Sam Cahill, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • Conor Bourke, Bray Hunt Branch.
  • Feargal De Barra, Co. Clare Branch,
  • Billy Coonan, Ward Union Branch,
  • Robert Cherry, Wicklow Hunt Branch,
  • Cathal White, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Shane Fitzgerald, Kildare Hunt Branch.
  • Henry Seebach, Wexford Hunt Branch,
  • Caolan Costello, Wexford Hunt Branch,
  • Aonghus Cooke, Galway Mid County,
  • Aidan Coonan, Ward Union Branch,
  • Michael Hussey, Galway Mid County Branch
  • Adam Hutchinson, Warrington Branch,
  • Jack Minehan, Nenagh Branch,
  • Daniel McNamara, Co. Clare Branch,
  • Josh Hassett, Co. Clare Branch,
  • Jed Collins, Ward Union Branch,
  • Sean Alfred, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • Harry McNamee, Kildare Hunt Branch.





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