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Training will take place on Sunday 3rd March 2019 for the Junior and Senior Irish Tetrathlon Squads Long List Nominees.  The training will be held in Athy Swimming Pool starting at 8am.  

Training will comprise of swimming, shooting and running.  However, the emphasis over these two days will be placed on rifle shooting.  Junior Tetrathletes should bring a rifle if they can.

Training will begin for a small squad of successful Minimus candidates after the two assessment days.  All Minimus athletes who have been nominated for the assessment days must register for the assessment day on either the North Kilkenny or Co. Clare Its Plain Sailing page.  Nominees do not need to attend both days unless they wish to.  Training for the successfully selected Minimus squad will begin later in March.

The dates for the two assessment days are as follows:

Please share this information with all members of your Branch. 


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