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The Senior International Tetrathlon Exchange to the US will take place in July from the 13th to the 30th. 

The Tetrathlon Committee would like to sincerely thank all of the Tetrathletes who put their names forward for the squad and who attended the training sessions.  Well done to everyone.

The following are the Boys and Girls teams who have been selected travel to the US this summer:

Boys Team

  • Tim O'Brien, Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch,
  • Jack Sargent, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Liam Kelleher, Duhallow Hunt Branch,
  • James Drumm, Westmeath Hunt Branch,
  • James Coonan, Kildare Hunt Branch,
  • Reserve: Eddie Egan, Kildare Hunt Branch.

Girls Team:

  • Meadhbh Moynihan, South Union Hunt Branch,
  • Aoife Duggan McSweeney, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • Alex Stewart, Co. Limerick Hunt Branch,
  • Ellie Holohan, North Kilkenny Hunt Branch,
  • Reserve: Hannah Gayer, Duhallow Hunt Branch.

Congratulations to all those who have been selected for the Senior International Tetrathlon Exchange.  Training and assessment will continue throughout the summer.  Commiserations to those who were unsuccessful this time.  Thank you for your attendance and commitment.

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