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Congratulations to the members of the Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon Team who travelled to Nunney, Frome, Somerset over the week to compete in the Pony Club Regional 100 Tetrathlon Competition.  It was a super weekend for the Irish team who won both the boys and girls team titles.  This is the first time that the Irish team has won both team competitions at the same time.

The International Cross Country Course in Nunney was of the highest standard, being both tough and technical.  In total, there were only 20 clear rounds on this course and the Irish team had 4 clear rounds over a course that included brush hedging up to 1m 30cm.  New rules in England meant that competitors needed to complete the course at a rate of 450m/min, while stopping twice for the slip rail and the gate.  Irelands clear rounds came from:

  • Tim O'Brien (Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch)
  • Eddie Egan (Kildare Hunt Branch)
  • Isabell Radford Dodd (Wicklow Hunt Branch)
  • Emma Egan (Kildare Hunt Branch)

It was a great achievement for the Irish team to complete 4 clear rounds and it is a credit to the hard work put in by trainers, individual competitors and branches, that this tough and technical course did not phase the Irish contingent.  In fact, the cross country phase of this tetrathlon competition was the most influential phase.  The Irish girls team were leading coming into the riding phase but extended this lead to help secure their success.  Similarly, the boys team were in 4th place before the riding phase, 500 points behind the leaders.  After the riding phase, they had moved into 2nd place and secured the title during the run phase.  It is important to note, that Irish riders, Alex Stewart and Sarah Seymour successfully completed this tough and technical course on 13.2 ponies.  Alex had a clear round.  The size of the pony did not effect their ability to finish the course.  Their training and skillful riding ensured that they had ability to appraoch the course with confidence. 

Individually, the highest placed Irish team members were:

  • Tim O' Brien (Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch) - 3rd 
  • James Drumm (Westmeath Hunt Branch) - 4th
  • Eddie Egan (Kildare Hunt Branch) - 6th
  • Jack Sargent (Kildare Hunt Branch) - 7th
  • Isabelle Radford Dodd (Wicklow Hunt Branch) - 4th
  • Alew Stewart (Co. Limerick Hunt Branch) - 5th

It was a historic weekend in many ways for the Irish Tetrathlon team.  Rebecca Lowe (South Westmeath Hunt Branch) established a new record in the swimming phase completing 11 lengths and 10m in the 3 minutes allotted.  This is a first in tetrathlon.  Well done Rebecca! 

The Irish Pony Club would like to thank Southern England for a great weekend.  It was an excellent, successful weekend for the Irish team who had a brilliant experience and the wonderful party on the Saturday was an extra bonus.  Thank you to everyone who travelled to England and helped out during this special weekend.  Well done to everyone involved.

Onwards now to the Holmestead Saddlery Irish Pony Tetrathlon Championships!


Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon Boys Team  Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon Girls Team 
  • Alex Stewart - Captain (Co. Limerick Hunt Branch)   
  • Rebecca Lowe (South Westmeath Hunt Branch)
  • Leah O'Neill (Co. Clare Branch)
  • Isabelle Radford Dodd (Wicklow Hunt Branch)
  • Heather O'Connor (Waterford Hunt Branch)
  • Moya Whelan (Waterford Hunt Branch)
  • Siobhán Whelan (Waterford Hunt Branch)
  • Emma Egan (Kildare Hunt Branch)
  • Ellie Holohan (North Kilkenny Hunt Branch)
  • Áine Kelleher ( Duhallow Hunt Branch)
  • Sarah Seymour (Nenagh Branch)
  •  Liam Kelleher - Captain (Duhallow Hunt Branch)
  • Tim O'Brien (Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch)
  • Jack Sargent (Kildare Hunt Branch)
  • James Coonan (Kildare Hunt Branch)
  • Eddie Egan (Kildare Hunt Branch)
  • James Drumm (South Westmeath Hunt Branch)
  • Noah Pimm (Warrington Branch)
  • Aaron Kehoe Cribben (Kildare Hunt Branch)
  • Fionn Campbell (Ward Union Hunt Branch)
  • Darragh Maher (Kilkenny Hunt Branch)


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