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 Dear Members,Parents, Grandparents & Volunteers.

    What a year we have had in the pony club, From lock down in January to almost freedom today. As the restrictions eased the Pony Club was ready and we did as much as we were permitted to do.

  It was great to see so many happy children and their parents enjoying themselves with their ponies, Camps and rallies were well supported with many branches reporting increased membership, there are now over 3000 members in the country.

 Each of the various Championships were well supported and enjoyed by many, the Tetrathlon teams visited the North of Ireland and England.The Mounted Games team also visited the UK.

  All this activity depends on a small dedicated office staff supported by an army of volunteers who make it happen, a special thank you to you all.   We are always looking for helpers so please help if you can. We can not function with out you.

  It has been a great pleasure in meeting you in different parts of the country. and I look forward to talking to you again next year. Thank you one and all for your help and support .  Michael Essame



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