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Minimus is a 2-day competition consisting of three disciplines, swimming, running and riding. Points are awarded to competitors for their performance in each discipline. The overall winner is the competitor with the most points after all three disciplines. Participants must be U-12 on the 1st of January of the current year. However, new older Pony Club members may participate Hors Concours to gain valuable competition experience. Irish Pony Club D+ test standard is recommended for this competition.
The Minimus Championships are a team competition where members from branches form a team of three/four for the competition. Individual trophies are awarded to boys and girls for the best overall winners and the best in the disciplines of running and swimming.

Procedure for Dealing with Queries, Objections and Appeals at Competitions

  • Only a District Commissioner (DC) or his / her appointed representative may query the result of a competition at the Secretary’s tent. The Chairman of the Sub-Committee involved or the Chief Steward will explain / investigate any query or question brought to him/her.
  • Competitors, and / or their parents should not approach a Fence Steward to enquire about the marking of a fence.
  • If the DC or his / her representative is unhappy with the explanation they must make an Objection in writing and lodge a deposit of €30, not later than 30 minutes after provisional scores have been posted. Absolutely no queries on scores will be taken after this time. This will be strictly adhered to in order to have the scoring completed.
  • Queries and / or Objections will only be dealt with on the day of the competition. The formal Objection is dealt with by the Chief Steward and / or the Chairman of the Sub-Committee.
  • Each interested party must receive a fair hearing and be allowed the facility to properly state their case and present all the relevant facts.
  • All relevant witnesses must be heard. Judges, Course Designer/Builder and Stewards who were in the area may be able to give relevant evidence.
  • In the case of all formal objections the decision by the Chief Steward / Chairman of the Sub-Committee should be given in writing to the Organising Committee and copies to each interested party.

If the competitor and his / her District Commissioner are dissatisfied with the ruling of the Chief Steward / Chairman of the Sub-Committee on the objection – she / he has the right to Appeal.

Appeals at Competition

  • When the Appeals Committee is called they will first read the decision of the Chief Steward/Chairman of the Sub-Committee.
  • They then hear the appellant and his witnesses followed by other interested parties and other witnesses.
  • The Chief Steward/Chairman of the Sub-Committee and the Appeal Committee are entitled to take into account that which they have seen happen. Interested parties may be invited to comment on the facts before a decision is reached.
  • The decision of the Appeals Committee should be given in writing to the Organising Committee and copies to each interested party.
  • When a complaint has been adjudicated upon by the Appeals Committee, this decision is final and the matter is closed.
Kildare Hunt Pony Club Rescheduled Fun Minimus Tetrathlon Training Day

Kildare Hunt Pony Club Rescheduled Fun Minimus Tetrathlon Training Day

Saturday 21st August 2021 at Punchestown

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National Minimus

The National Minimus will now take place on September 11th and 12th in Nuenna Farm, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny. 


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Kildare Hunt Pony Club Fun Minimus/Tetrathlon Training Day 21st Aug

This event has now been moved to the 21st August,

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Provisional Minimus & Tetrathlon Dates 2021

The following dates have been submitted by Branches for Minimus and Tetrathlon Training Days for 2021


 August  2nd  GoldenVale Minimus & Tetrathlon (Crosscountry only, including Gate and Slip Rail) Crossogue House, Ballycahill, Co. Tipperary.


 August 14th & 15th   National Tetrathlon Championships - Killossery

 August 21st KIldare Hunt Branch Fun Minimus - Punchestown

September 11th & 12th   National Minimus - Nuenna Farm, Co. Kilkenny

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