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Minimus is a 2-day competition consisting of three disciplines, swimming, running and riding. Points are awarded to competitors for their performance in each discipline. The overall winner is the competitor with the most points after all three disciplines. Participants must be U-12 on the 1st of January of the current year. However, new older Pony Club members may participate Hors Concours to gain valuable competition experience. Irish Pony Club D+ test standard is recommended for this competition.
The Minimus Championships are a team competition where members from branches form a team of three/four for the competition. Individual trophies are awarded to boys and girls for the best overall winners and the best in the disciplines of running and swimming.

Holmestead Saddlery IPC Minimus 2017 Event Details

The Holmestead Saddlery Irish Pony Club Minimus Championships 2017 will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June 2017 at Punchestown Racecourse and Athy Swimming Pool.  Online Entries are now OPEN. Entries may be made through your branches ItsPlainSailing site.

  • Saturday 17th June - Cross Country Riding at Punchestown Racecourse (First Pony on Course at 9.30am.)
  • Sunday 18th June - Swimming at Athy Swimming Pool (Members be allotted individual times according to ability, starting with first warm-up at 7.45am.)
  • Sunday 18th June - Running at Punchestown Racecourse (Beginning at approximately 2pm - In strict numerical order.)
  • Prizegiving - Punchestown Racecourse Parade Ring (Approximately 4pm.)

Entry Criteria for the Minimus Championships 2017

  • IPC Members wishing to compete in the Minimus Championships must be under 12 years on 1st Jan 2017.
  • There will be a class for members over 12 years who wish to compete Hors Concours (out of competition).
  • Entries must be submitted on or before 12 noon on Tues 6th June (after bank holiday Mon).
  • Branches must pay the Office either via banking online or post a cheque for €45 per entry, made payable to: Irish Pony Club, Tinnascarty, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny to REACH THE OFFICE BY WED. 7th June. Contact office for Banking-online information.
  • DCs must ensure all competitors are capable of riding a cross country course built to a maximum height of 80 cm. and the combination of pony and rider have cross country competition experience and are capable of swimming 1 length of the pool.
  • Only siblings may share ponies. No pony may be used more than twice over the cross-country course. Ponies which are to be shared must be noted on the entry form using *.
  • A member may compete only once in this competition.
  • Competitors/Trainers must adhere to the times and numbers given for swimming and running. No Trainers or parents allowed on the deck at the swimming pool.
  • All ponies must be vaccinated for flu/tetanus – passports will be checked on entry to Punchestown Racecourse. Ponies must be entered with their Passport name.
  • Best Turn-out Trophy presented by the Ward Union Branch, will be judged by persons on the cross-country course. The Tack and Turnout prize has been extended to include team spirit, good manners, behaviour and attitude of members, parents & branch officials. This will be a branch prize rather than presented to one team.
  • All branches with entries must provide at least one fence steward, two stewards if you have a large number of entries. Names and phone number for fence stewards must be included on Entry Form.
  • Please tell your parents and members about the rule re fall of rider = elimination and rider must walk home. Positive scoring ensures points for fences jumped.

Rules for Team Entry:

  • DCs should enter their competitors under 12 yrs. in teams of 3 or 4, boys or girls or mixed teams in whatever combinations they wish.
  • All over 12 should be entered as individuals in the Hors Concours section.  Please type H/C into the Additional Information Field on the application form in ItsPlainSailing when entering Hors Concours entrants.
  • Minimus will be scored as one competition i.e. teams made up of any combination of boys and girls.
  • Where a branch has only one or two competitors, they should enter their individuals and where possible mixed branch teams will be made up by the Chairman of Tetrathlon and HQ.
  • Team rosettes will be awarded from 1 to 20 places.
  • The overall winning team will be awarded the John Flood Cup.
  • The highest scoring team of 4 boys (or 3 boys only – no girl) will be awarded the Sisk Boys Cup.
  • The highest scoring team of 4 girls (or 3 girls only – no boy) will be awarded the Sisk Girls Cup.
  • The highest scoring mixed team with at least one boy or girl scoring will be awarded the Sisk Mixed Team Cup.
  • The highest scoring individual Boy and individual Girl will be awarded the Sisk Best Boy Cup and the Sisk Best Girl Cup. Individual placings to 10th place will be awarded.
  • Best Swim and Best Run for Boys and Girls will be awarded to 4th place.
  • DCs and / or Minimus Trainers should take care when making their entries in relation to Swim lengths expected: Please note the number of lengths expected in a 25 metre pool in the column that says Lengths Expected. Also please enter the additional meters the member is expected to swim in the meters column. e.g. 3 lengths and 10 meters:  Do not enter 3 lengths and 10 metres as 85 metres.

Stabling – at Punchestown Racecourse, to be booked by parents on the Kildare Hunt Branch Online Booking page see below: 

  • Strict vaccination protocol will be enforced. NO HORSE OR PONY WILL BE ADMITTED TO PUNCHESTOWN STABLES WITHOUT CORRECT RACING YARD COMPLIANT VACCINATIONS. See attached detail of requirements. DCs are asked to check each member’s passport to ensure their recorded vaccinations are correct.  Vaccination Protocol.
  • Stabling cost €40 whether for one night or two nights.

Camping onsite is allowed. Kildare Hunt Branch will attempt to group branches in areas together but booking for camping is essential, this includes branches who are not staying onsite but who plan to erect a tent for daytime use. THERE IS NO CHARGE. PARENTS, MEMBERS & SUPPORTERS MUST TAKE HOME THEIR RUBBISH. Please leave the designated camping are clean. No corralling of ponies at campsite. No ponies allowed in camping area. Parking for those arriving for the day only, will be separate from those camping.

  • No children allowed ride bicycles in Punchestown.

Registration at the IPC Secretary's office/marquee at Punchestown Racecourse. Branch Representative must collect competition numbers on Friday afternoon between 3 pm and 7 pm or for those who will be riding late on Sat. please collect on Sat. morning.

  • Cross Country Riding will be on Saturday 17th June in numerical order, at 1 minute intervals, at Punchestown Racecourse starting with at 9.30 a.m. Tack inspection 9.00 a.m. Members wear riding hat and body protector according to IPC Cross Country Tack Sheet 2017.
    • Drop-down or Hunting Stirrup for Cross Country at Minimus 2017.
      The stirrups covered in the Tetrathlon Rule Book 2017 and on the Cross Country Tack Sheet 2017 refer to conventional stirrups. There is no mention of the Dropdown / Hunting Stirrup being allowed or not allowed in 2017.

      It is important that the riders are skilled in the correct use of the tack that they are riding in.
      The Irish Pony Club will take every care to ensure the safety of the riders and help will be available at the Slip Rail should it be required, to ensure the dropdown hook is properly engaged.

    • Medical armbands must be worn with current membership card included. Those sharing will be allowed to go out of order but sharing must be noted on entry form. Any competitor who is receiving ‘first communion’ or confirmation on the day will be accommodated out of order but must note this also on the entry forms.
    • Hors Concours riders will ride and run after the team competition is complete.
    • Branch Trainers are asked to ensure that members walk the cross-country course and are guided by their trainer when doing so. It has been noted that many children made unnecessary errors of course at ‘Friendly/Fun Minimus’ competitions due to poor or no course walking. Cross country course will be open for inspection from 2 pm on Friday 16th until 9pm. Parents and Trainers are asked to ensure that children do not climb on fences or adjust them in any way when walking the course. Course walking while the competition is in progress (9:30am Sat) is not allowed for safety reasons. Trainers and parents may walk the perimeter of the course but must not walk close up to fences while the competition is in progress. It will be possible to course walk from 8:00 am until 9:30 am on Sat. morning.
  • Swimming at Athy Swimming pool (K Leisure) 
    • Earliest warm-up times 7:45 a.m. on Sunday 18th June. Competitors should arrive 30 mins to one hour before their warm up time. Swim times and warm-up times will be posted on the IPC website on Wed. 14th June.
  • Running will be at Punchestown Racecourse on Sunday at 2 pm approx. Electronic microchip timing equipment will be used. The running course will be open for inspection from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Saturday evening and from 1:00pm on Sunday. It is essential that competitors walk their running course so they know the route. All competitors must be in the field at least 15 minutes before the start of running phase. Competitors will be started in their teams of 4 – i.e. all 4 (or 3) members of a team will start together and will be run in strict numerical order.

Information for Commentator is a new field on the entry form. This should be completed by the parents and verified/edited by the DC or whoever is uploading the entry form. It is not essential but would help the overall enjoyment of the day if the Commentator had some information about the member and his/her pony e.g. rode at Warrington and Area 5 Minimus this year, won the running, had a great swim, her pony Misty was on the Robbie Bailey team in 2016 etc.

Volunteers: lots of voluntary help is needed for the smooth running of this competition. Each branch is asked to nominate at least one volunteer (in particular fence stewards). You are requested to note this information on the entry form. Please make sure that the person volunteered is aware (& have agreed) that their name has been put forward to assist on the day and that this is not the person in charge of the branch competitors for the cross-country day. Please help to make this a pleasant day for all involved by helping out.

Lots of catering options available on site at Punchestown:

  • Packman Pizzas on Friday and Saturday and Food Junkie Wood Fired Pizzas on Sunday.
  • Justin’s coffee and ice cream – on site Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Gourmet Burgers – on site Saturday and Sunday.
  • Yummy Foods (salads, smoothies, breakfast and healthy options) – on site Saturday and Sunday.
  • Disco on Saturday evening 7 pm – 9 pm in a marquee in the camping area..


DCs are asked to note: 

  • Parents enter their children to their branch and pay the entry fee to the branch.
  • The DC or nominated Minimus Trainer then sorts the entries into teams, name the team using the branch name in the team name, orders the members in the order in which you wish them to ride.  Please type H/C into the Additional Information Field on the application form in ItsPlainSailing when entering Hors Concours entrants.
  • Please scan the entry form to make sure parents have entered the correct information and use correct spelling and correct case i.e. not all capitals and not all lower case etc.
  • The DC must then upload the entries to the office and then pay the IPC for their entry.

Hors Concours (HC) (definition ‘out of competition’, ‘not competing for a prize’) at MINIMUS 2017

Please note The HC section was introduced to facilitate new, older IPC members to take part at national level without the stress of a championship. The HC is not a separate competition. All competitors will receive a completion rosette but no rosettes or prizes will be given for placings in this section.

The HC section is aimed at new IPC members over the age of 12, who have not passed the C test and who have not competed at junior level cross country (i.e. Hunter Trials, ODE or Tetrathlon).

This year all members riding in the HC section will do so at the end of the championship cross country i.e. they will be numbered after the Minimus teams and individuals. Members will swim in their swim heat according to ability (selected swim heats) with the Minimus participants, except for the last heats which will be kept for the Minimus children only.
Running will be strictly in numerical order.

Option Fences 2017

The Tetrathlon Committee would ask Branch DCs and Minimus Trainers ensure that all members taking part in the 2017 Minimus Championships and their parents become familiar with and encourage the use of the Option fences especially for the newer younger riders going out cross country. The Option fences introduced in 2016 in response to feedback were not fully utilized because of the lack of understanding and the reason for having them at local level by parents, trainers and committee members. Option fences will be numbered the same as the fence it is beside but with an O beside the number. It will be of a lesser height and more encouraging to jump, to allow members to move forward on the course.
The penalty for taking the option is 70 penalties this year, (as opposed to 200 penalties for three refusals at the main fence).

Feedback from the Holmestead Saddlery National Minimus Championships

Feedback is essential following an event to support and inform the reflection and evaluation of an event by the organisers. 

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Thank you from John Flood and the Tetrathlon Committee

John Flood (Tetrathlon Chairman) and the Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon Committee would like to thank Bill Holmes and the Holmestead Saddlery Team for their generous sponsorship of the Holmestead Saddlery IPC Minimus Competition and the magnificent goodie packs that they presented to all competitors.  

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Results from the Holmestead Saddlery National Minimus Championships 2018

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Holmestead Saddlery National Minimus Championships.  What a great weekend!

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Good luck to all IPC Members Competing at the Holmestead Saddlery Minimus Championships

We would like to wish everyone who is competing and volunteering at the Holmestead Saddlery National Minimus Championships this weekend the very Best of Luck.  Most importantly enjoy the weekend and stay safe!

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Provisional Scores: Holmestead Saddlery Minimus Championships 2018

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Camping & Stabling Information from Kildare Hunt Branch for the Holmestead Saddlery National Minimus Championships

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Provisional Running Order, Swimming Warm Up Timetable and Swim Times for the Holmestead Saddlery Minimus Championships

The Holmestead Saddlery National Minimus Championships take place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 16th and 17th of June at Punchestown Racecourse.  A provisional timetable and running order is now available to download.

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Good luck to the Irish Minimus Team Competing at the Mini Regional Tetrathlon in Kelso

This weekend a team of eighteen Irish Pony Club Minimus athletes will travel to Kelso to compete in the Mini Regional Tetrathlon on Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th of June.  The Irish Pony Club would like to wish the team and their trainers the very best of luck at this weekends competition. 

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Golden Vale Hunt Branch National Novice Triathlon 80 Running Numbers and Swim Times

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The first ever National Novice Triathlon 80 competition takes place this Bank Holiday Monday (4th June) at Mahers, Killough, Thurles, Co. Tipperary and Thurles Leisure Centre.

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