The Instructors Register contains the contact details of Instructors who fufil the requirements and criteria for inclusion on the register.  This document will also be published in the 2021 Irish Pony Club Who's Who Year Book.  

The supplementary register is for those who do not have formal teaching qualifications. But have dedicated many years to teaching rallies and have extensive experience in the Irish Pony Club.

To view and download the 2021 Instructors Register, please click on the links below:

pdf logo40 Specialist List

pdf logo40 Supplementary List

pdf logo40 Riding and Road Safety Instructors and Examiners List

pdf logo40B & C Instructors & Examiner List

pdf logo40 B Examiner List

pdf logo40 C Instructors List

pdf logo40 A and H Instructor and Examiner List


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