Application forms have now opened online for the 2019 Senior Proficiency Tests, A Test, H Test and B+ Test.

Applicants who wish to undertake the A, H or B+ Tests during 2019 must complete a short form, registering their application by submitting a non-refundable deposit of €50 on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing page.  The remaining fees should be paid on the day of the test.

Applicants for all tests can download the test cards from the IPC website by clicking on the following link:

Irish Pony Club Test Cards

The Irish Pony Club Instructor's Register and Supplementary Instructor's Register may also be downloaded from the IPC website:

Irish Pony Club Instructor's Register

Irish Pony Club Suplementary Instructor's Register

A Test 2019

  • The A Test will be held in Clonshire Equestrian Centre on Monday 2nd September 2019.

H Test 2019

  • The H Test will take place in Mullingar Equestrian Centre on Wednesday 21st August 2019.  
  • Applications for the H Test will close on Monday 29th July 2019.
  • H Test candidates should also be aware that a book of supplementary notes for the H Test is also available to purchase on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing site.

B+ Test 2019

  • The B+  Test will take place on Saturday 2nd of November 2019 in Grennan College, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.
  • Applications will close for the B+ Test on Friday 6th September 2019.
  • Please Note: Going forward, candidates who wish to take the B+ Test will have to complete a minimum of 10 hours assisting / teaching with senior instructors at camp / rallies. Upon signing up for the test the candidate will be issued with a Logbook which is to be signed off on by a senior instructor. They will also have to include separate pages outlining details of each session that they participated in. Further information will be sent to candidates when they register.


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