Tony Ennis Training Chairman - Remain Positive, We Can Overcome this Virus

As we continue in uncertain times and not knowing what the outcome is, we must remain positive with the hope that we can overcome this terrible virus.
I must thank all for keeping to the protocols issued by the Government, as we all try to supress this Covid-19 virus, prevent its spread and preserve life.
Think for a moment of all those who have lost life and the families who are grieving at this time.  Also a little thought for all the front-line workers who are working in our Health system and all other workers keeping the country going at this time.  Also, the Farming community who continue to care for the animals and the land we so cherish.  We must thank each and every one of them.  Our Garda force who are in good spirits manning checkpoints all over the country.
We are lucky, some more that other's, that we can continue with some form of normality in looking after our ponies and horses, looking forward to the return of pony club activity and competitions.  Keep the spirit, work carefully, as we do not want to put extra pressure on an already stretched Health service at this time.  Spend social time with your animals.  Drink tea with them, tell them your stories, even your secrets.  You know they will not be repeated.  It is always good to share remember "a problem shared is a problem halved".
Keep focused, have a plan.  It can always be amended.  If there is no plan, equals no direction.  Sit down and make a plan outlining your goals, short medium and long.  Then the small steps you can do to realize your DREAMS.
Work, rest and play, feed the body and mind with good food and fresh air enjoy the sunshine (Vitamin D for free).
Feel good and keep smiling we will get there and be able to enjoy the good life.
Dia laimh go lair.
Tony Ennis, Irish Pony Club Chairman of Training
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