Message from the Irish Pony Club Chairman of Training

I hope this finds you and yours, all well and continuing to keep safe and well at this time, as we move into the further restrictions announced by the Department of Health until April 12th.
Let us spend a moment to think and thank the front line staff in all spheres at this time of uncertainty.  They gallantly go to work each day to help others and bring supplies and stock for all. 
We must remain positive in the hope that we can beat this virus and emerge  as a stronger and better people.  Times have changed and the spread of disease can be much easier than in the past, with greater modes of transport around the world.  I remember vaguely my Grandfather telling stories of the Black Plague in Ireland in the eighteen hundreds and how so many people were lost.  This is now a realty here and in the world.  We pray that this can be brought under control and we all can emerge and enjoy life as we know, with energy, joy, love and enthusiasm.
For now keep the spirit, remain focused, eat well, get some sort of exercise, ride your horses and walk your dogs.  Above all keep safe, well and keep smiling.
Look out for each other, be it at a distance.  Stay in contact by phone, facebook or email and bring encouragement to others. 
Tony Ennis, Irish Pony Club Chairman of Training
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