A Message from the Irish Pony Club Executive Chairman

A message from the Irish Pony Club Executive Chairman

"Dear members,

We understand completely that these difficult times must be very frustrating for you. As you may be aware, based on the latest Government update announced on Tuesday all Irish Pony Club activities, rallies, trainings, meetings etc. must remain postponed until at least the 19th of April 2020. It is very important that we listen to and adhere to this advice.

You and your ponies were ready to train and compete and now you can’t. Competitions, rallies and tests have been cancelled or postponed and we understand that this is very disappointing for you. However, these restrictions are in place to keep us all healthy. The Irish Pony Club Executive committee and Discipline heads are monitoring the situation and behind the scenes have been planning for when the restrictions are lifted. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that a full programme of competitions will be organised when the time is right. We will let you know in plenty of time and continue to keep you updated with any developments as they arise.

Keep riding your ponies but be careful. If you fall and hurt yourself the hospitals are very busy at the moment and they won’t want injured pony clubbers adding to their work load! Physical activity is important for both your physical and mental health. We would encourage all members to set small achievable goals each day. Stay safe, follow the social distancing guidelines, wash your hands regularly and we will look forward with anticipation to the day when we can meet for pony club once again.

Message from an Irish Pony Club vet

It is very tempting to turn your pony out to grass when there are no competitions. However, be very careful, from now on with the weather getting warmer grass will start to grow rapidly, letting ponies out to eat this can lead them to get a very painful disease called laminitis. This effects their feet and they find it difficult to walk. So be careful and seek advice if you are unsure."

Michael Essame, Irish Pony Club Executive Chairman


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