Irish Pony Club Festival Entries Now OPEN

The Irish Pony Club Festival will take place on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July 2018 at Barnadown Showjumping.  The entries for the Irish Pony Club Festival are now OPEN.

The official IPC Closing Date for submitting entries for the Festival is Thursday 19th July 2018 at 9.30am. This is the date before which Branches must submit their Branch entries to the IPC.  It is at the discretion of each Branch to request that parents submit their entries slightly earlier than this date to allow Branch officials to check the entries and submit them to the IPC.
Entries for the Festival must be made through your Branches Its Plain Sailing page.

  1. Please Note: Entry Fee Details 2018

Branches Using Its Plain Sailing
• As you may be aware, a new EU Directive came into force on January 13th 2018 prohibiting surcharging. These are additional charges for payments from customers by debit or credit cards both in shops or online. Specifically, for the Irish Pony Club this affects the IPC and Branches who use Its Plain Sailing. Going forward we must set the field “Handling Fee Included” to “Yes”. By setting this to "Yes" it means that the card handling fee that applies when a person is checking out and paying is not added on top of the entry/ membership fee, but instead it is deducted from the amount that gets transferred to your organisations bank account.

  • Therefore, the IPC has decided to include the Handling Fee in the online entry fee price on Its Plain Sailing to prevent Branches incurring the cost of the Handling Fee, as explained above.
  • Online entries by parents through Its Plain Sailing will cost €36 (Show Jumping, Dressage and Combined Training Classes), €16 (Mounted Games) and €11 (Musical Ride).
  • The fee for entering the various Festival Classes is as follows:
    • Show Jumping, Pure Dressage and Combined Training - €35 per class
    • Mounted Games - €15 per class
    • o Musical Ride - €10 per team member
  • This is NOT a new charge.  The method of applying the charge has changed

Branches Who DO NOT Have an Its Plain Sailing Page

  • Branches who DO NOT who do not have an Its Plain Sailing Page should collect the Entry Fee of €35, €15 or €10 from their members who wish to enter depending on the class.

2. Numbers may be collected from the IPC Secretary’s Office at Barnadown Show Jumping from Thursday 26th July from approximately 11am.

  • It is recommended that Branches appoint ONE person to collect all of the Branch numbers and distribute to the members of your Branch at the championships.

3. The Show Jumping, Dressage and Combined Training and Mounted Games Rule Books are available to download from the Downloads page of the IPC website. The Musical Ride Rules and Guidelines can be downloaded from the Musical Ride Activity page of the IPC website.

4. Timetable for the Festival:

  • Thursday 26th July: U-10 and U-12 Combined Training and the U-10 Mounted Games.
  • Friday 27th July: Pure Dressage Team and Individual, Junior, Novice, Intermediate, Open and Senior Associate Combined Training, U12 Show Jumping (Alice Mernagh), Musical Ride and Junior Mounted Games.
  • Saturday 28th July: U-14 Show Jumping (Robbie Bailey), Intermediate Show Jumping (John Ledingham), Senior Team, Senior Individual, Senior Area Team Show Jumping and Senior B Mounted Games.
  • Start times will be published on the IPC website and e-mailed to DC’s when they have been confirmed.

5. Stabling: Stabling may be booked directly with Barnadown Show Jumping by clicking on the following link and following the steps to proceed to the form:

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