Irish Pony Club Transfer Rule Update

The Irish Pony Club Transfer Rule has been updated, and is now available to download from the Downloads page of the Irish Pony Club website, under the heading Membership.

The main change relates to the reason given for requesting the transfer. If the reason given is that the member's Branch doesn't offer them a particular activity, then they are allowed to compete in that specific activity without restriction, with the exception of Mounted Games, in which case they are not permitted to compete for 12 months after transferring to a different Branch (unless they are selected for an International Team).

The other main change is that we are introducing a 'transfer window' for those who wish to transfer for the above activity-related reason such that transfer requests have to be submitted between 1st Nov and the following 1st March.

Members who wish to transfer due to a change of permanent address must do so within 6 months in order to avoid competitive restrictions.
These changes have been made in order to discourage the formation of 'super' Branch teams that are deemed to be unfair and are not in keeping with the ethos of the Irish Pony Club.


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