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Rallies are said to be the 'backbone of the Pony Club'.

A working Rally is one at which instruction is given and which is open to all Members of the Branch within the age range for which it is intended. It may be either a mounted or unmounted Rally.

An unmounted Rally is usually for horse and pony care instruction.  

Team practices or coaching sessions do not qualify as Working Rallies.
For Area Competitions and above, Members must have been to a minimum of three working rallies since the previous 1st July, to be eligible to represent their Branch.  Camp counts as one Working Rally.  Below this level, Branches may adopt their own policy.  

There shall be no awards at Working Rallies, but an occasional competitive rally may be arranged such as a gymkhana, hunter trial, dressage, mounted games or show jumping competition at which prizes may be given.


It sometimes happens that children come to working rallies with ponies which are quite unsuitable for them, or with ill-fitting or unserviceable saddlery, thereby rendering instruction in equitation difficult if not impossible.

This is more particularly true of members attending a rally for the first time who may have no understanding of Pony Club standards and traditions and no home background of horse knowledge to guide them.

It is the special duty and privilege of the Pony Club to function as counsellor and friend in such circumstances. This calls for sympathetic understanding and handling. The operative word in our 'object' is 'to encourage' not to reprimand or condemn.

Strict adherence to the procedure which has served us so well, being the routine inspection, of rider, saddlery and pony at the outset of every Working Rally, this is our best safeguard against subĀ­standard turn-out.

In cases in which action is called for, the child should be dismounted and the matter referred to the Pony Club official in charge of the Rally. If an approach to the parents concerned is deemed necessary or desirable such should be initiated by the District Commissioner or official and independent action by instructors is undesirable.

The following are regarded as unacceptable at Pony Club functions:

  • Ponies that are too young, (under 4 years of age) or are infirm through old age; ponies that are visibly ill, thin or lame; ponies that are a danger to their riders, or to other members or their ponies;

  • Mares heavily in foal, mares in milk or with foal at foot.

  • Stallions, for obvious safety reasons, may only be ridden at Pony Club activities by members, if they have written permission from a District Commissioner to do so.  The District Commissioner must inform in advance the organiser/examiner of the competition/test that a stallion will be ridden, and must also guarantee that the stallion will only be ridden by the nominated rider and remain under named adult supervision when not being ridden.

All ponies are expected to be properly groomed and well turned out.
If in the professional opinion of the Instructor/Trainer/District Commissioner, a pony/horse is deemed unsafe/unsuitable they have the right to ban the pony/horse from a rally, camp or training session.

Please become familiar with the current IPC Tack Sheets,

Last Updated: 09/12/2014
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