Instructor’s Information

Instructors Register 2017

The Irish Pony Club Instructors Register for 2017 is now open. 

In order to be listed in the Irish Pony Club Who’s Who/Year Book 2017, you must register online on or before Sunday  8th January 2017 11am and pay the registration fee of €20.

To register online go to


Please make sure the following documentation is in order:

  • IPC Garda Vetting (every five years)
  • Up to date First Aid Certificate
  • Child Protection
  • 5CPD Points have been obtained in 2016

Please make sure all documentation is up to date and 5CPD points have been obtained

Irish Pony Club Accredited Instructors

Instructors are placed on the Irish Pony Club Register of Instructors based on their skills attained and qualifications as submitted to the Training Committee. People willing to be involved with the delivery of training are guided through a systematic pattern based on their experience and involvement, to deliver the upskilling of the members from D Test to A Test Level.

Members showing a willingness to be involved within the organisation whilst still members can avail of the B+ certificate which includes riding, lunging and teaching. This certificate gives them a very good base on which they can build a structured career.

To register or upgrade as an Irish Pony Club Instructor/Examiner please see relevant application forms below:

Application & Criteria for Inclusion in Instructors Register 

Application & Criteria for Up-gradinging as an Instructor or Examiner in IPC Instructors Register