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Minimus is a 2-day competition consisting of three disciplines, swimming, running and riding. Points are awarded to competitors for their performance in each discipline. The overall winner is the competitor with the most points after all three disciplines. Participants must be U-12 on the 1st of January of the current year. However, new older Pony Club members may participate Hors Concours to gain valuable competition experience. Irish Pony Club D+ test standard is recommended for this competition.
The Minimus Championships are a team competition where members from branches form a team of three/four for the competition. Individual trophies are awarded to boys and girls for the best overall winners and the best in the disciplines of running and swimming.

Option Fences 2017

The Tetrathlon Committee would ask Branch DCs and Minimus Trainers ensure that all members taking part in the 2017 Minimus Championships and their parents become familiar with and encourage the use of the Option Fences especially for the newer younger riders going out cross country.

The Option Fences introduced in 2016 in response to feedback were not fully utilized because of the lack of understanding and the reason for having them at local level by parents, trainers and committee members. Option Fences will be numbered the same as the fence it is beside but with an O beside the number. It will be of a lesser height and more encouraging to jump, to allow members to move forward on the course.
The penalty for taking the option is 70 penalties this year, (as opposed to 200 penalties for three refusals at the main fence).

National Novice Triathlon 80 Organised by Golden Vale Hunt Branch

The Irish Pony Club are delighted to announce that the National Novice Triathlon 80 competition will be organised by Golden Vale Hunt Branch.  This competition will also incorporate a Fun Minimus section on Monday 4th of June 2018. 

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Wicklow and Shillelagh Minimus and Tetrathlon Fun Day

Wicklow Hunt Branch and Shillelagh and District Hunt Branch are delighted to host a Minimus and Tetrathlon Fun Day (No Shoot) on Sunday 29th April 2018.

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Kildare Hunt Branch Minimus and Tetrathlon Training Day: Information and Swim Times

The Kildare Hunt Branch Minimus and Tetrathlon Training Day will take place on Sunday 22nd April 2018.

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Meath Hunt Branch May Tetrathlon Day (Including Minimus & Fledgling Competitions)

Meath Hunt Branch would like to invite you to their May Tetrathlon Day (including Minimus and Feldgling Competitions) on Monday 7th May 2018 at Kells Swimming Pool, Kells, Co. Meath. 

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Laois Hunt Branch Minimus / Tetrathlon Training Day

The Laois Hunt Branch Minimus / Tetrathlon Training Day will take place on Sunday 27th May 2018.  

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Branch Minimus and Tetrathlon Competition Dates

The following are the details for the Branch Minimus and Tetrathlon Competition Dates that are available at the moment.  Further details will be published as they are submitted to the IPC office.

  • Sunday April 22nd, Kildare Hunt Branch - Clane. (Flyer)
  • Sunday April 29th, Wicklow Hunt / Shillelagh & District Hunt Branch. (Flyer)
  • Monday May 7th, Meath Hunt Branch - Kells. (Flyer)
  • Sunday May 27th, Laois Hunt Branch - Stradbally. (Flyer)
  • Saturday 26th May, South Union Hunt Branch - Area 5 - Kilguilkey, Mallow, Co. Cork. (Flyer)
  • TBC - June Bank Holiday weekend, Golden Vale Hunt Branch.

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