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Eventing originally evolved from the training and selection of cavalry horses.

It involves 3 disciplines, each of which is designed to test the horse's ability. The Dressage phase shows how trainable the horse is and its basic paces in walk, trot and canter, the show jumping shows athleticism, control and accuracy while the cross – country phase tests stamina, speed, jumping and bravery. The sport combines the different disciplines in one competition and is run on a cumulative penalty basis. The competitor with least penalties at the end is the winner.


Eventing News

Eventing Dressage Tests 2017

Eventing Dressage Tests 2017

Open Competition
  • British Eventing BE Test 110 (2012)
Intermediate Competition
  • British Eventing BE Test 96 (2016)
Junior Competition
  • British Eventing BE Test 95 (2012)
U-12 Individual (Area Comp. Only)
  • British Dressage Preliminary Test 7 (2002) 
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