Rallies & Camps



Rallies are organised by the branches and are the ‘backbone of the Pony Club’. 

A working rally is one at which instruction is given and may be either a mounted or unmounted rally. An unmounted rally is usually for horse and pony care instruction. All ponies are expected to be properly groomed and well turned out.

Branches also organise team practices and coaching sessions but these do not qualify as working rallies.



For many Pony Club members, the annual Camp is very often the highlight of the year.

A Camp is a meeting of the members of a branch, together with their ponies, held over a period of several days, usually during the summer holidays. Every branch runs a camp or camps and sometimes these are divided into senior and junior camps. Some areas may also run camps and are usually aimed at more senior members.

Camps may be either residential or non-residential for both members and ponies.  This often depends on the venues and facilities available in a branch’s region.  Camps are often held at racecourses, equestrian centres, farms or even just a green field site. The object of a camp is to provide an instructional holiday for members and their ponies. Instruction is usually given each day, but there is often also a mix of enjoyable activities and competitions. Camp is intended to be fun.