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The Irish Pony Club Minimus Championship is kindly sponsored by Holmestead Saddlery

Galway Mid Co. 

Holmestead Saddlery IPC Minimus 2017

Will take place on Sat. 17th & Sun. 18th June at Punchestown Racecourse.

Swimming will be at Athy Swimming Poool, Athy, Co. Kildare on Sunday 18th June (individual times will be allotted depending on the number of lengths each members is expected to swim).

Riding will be at Punchestown Racecourse on Saturday 17th June in numerical order.  DCs, parents and instructors should note, there will be option fences on the cross country course to encourage the less experienced members, these will carry 70 penalties when jumped.  Younger and less experienced members should be encouraged to take these options rather than incurring 200 penalties for three refusals.

Branch Fun Minimus competiton

  • Wicklow & Shillelagh – Sat. April 29th – Minimus
  • Meath – Mon. 1st May – Minimus in Kells
  • Area 5 – (run by South Union ) – Sat. 20th May – Fun Minimus
  • Kildare – Sun. 14th May – Minimus and Tetrathlon Training Day including Minimus Fledgling Competition & Minimus HC) Swim in Naas, ride & Run at Abbeyfield Farm, Clane                          See link for Kildare Hunt PC FLYER and informaiton re entries
  • Warrington – Sun. 21st May – Minimus and Junior Triathlon in Kilkenny
  • Laois – Sun. 28th May – Minimus and Junior Triathlon – TBC


Results of Minimus Championships 2016

What is Minimus?

The Minimus is a competition consisting of three phases, swimming, running and riding. It takes place over two days. Points awarded for the competitors performance in each phase and the competitor with the most points after the three phases is deemed the overall winner of the competition.

What age do you have to be?

You must be Under 12 on the 1st of January of the current year to be eligible to take part in the Championships. However new members to the Pony Club who are older can take part HC at the competition in order to gain valuable competition experience. D+ test standard in the IPC is recommended for this competition.

Do boys and girls compete against each other?

The Minimus Championships is a team competition.  Individuals from a club form a team of three or four for the competition. (3 scores count) The team can be made up of any combination of boys or girls. Along with the overall competition trophies are also awarded to the best team of boys and the best team of girls.

Is there an individual competition?

Yes, all boys and girls on a team are also placed individually.  The score they get as part of a team,  is also used to make an individual placing.  There is an individual boys competition for ALL the boys taking part and an individual girls competition for ALL the girls taking part.  There are also individual placings for the best in swimming and the best in running.