Dressage & Combined Training


The Dressage and Combined Training Championships are kindly Sponsored by Champion Hats

Area 6 DR and CT                                                                                                                


Dressage is the highest expression of training where horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements. it develops obedience, flexibility and balance in the horse, and is therefore the basis for all other equestrian disciplines.

The ‘Pure dressage’ competition is for teams of three/four riders of any age, who ride a Novice level test in a 60m long arena.

In Combined Training (CT), members ride a dressage test (in a 40m arena) followed by a show-jumping course (around 13 jumping efforts, including a double and a related distance).

The advantage of riding the dressage test first is that you then ride the same pony or horse over the SJ fences with renewed confidence knowing that you can better manage your lines, turns and pace.  It can be very exciting, particularly for the Intermediate and Open riders, as these winners at each Area Qualifier are eligible to enter the CT competition at the Dublin Horse Show.


Competition / Level Dressage Test
Pure Dressage – Team and Individual  IPC Novice Dressage Test 2014
Combined Training – Open
NB same as last year
Dressage Ireland N23 (2012)
Combined Training – Senior Associate
NB Same as last year
Dressage Ireland N23 (2012)
Combined Training – Intermediate
NB Same as last year
Dressage Ireland P15 (2012)
Combined Training – Junior The Pony Club Eventing Championship Test 2015
Under 12’s  Pre Novice IPC Dressage Test 2013
Under 10’s South Munster Dressage Test C (2012)

National Dressage Day (NB Individual Competition)

National Dressage Day (Juniors Competition Test) Preliminary_DI_P8_-2012-

Whilst Pony Club tests with directives may be downloaded from this site, original test sheets for judges comments in some competitions must be purchased from the IPC Shop.

The latest Dressage & Combined Training rule book and tack sheet can be viewed and downloaded from the Competition rules downloads page.

We also have produced the useful guide Guidelines for Dressage to Music.